Real Patient Ratings for Dr. James Lacey


No fake reviews. Really, none!

Reviews generated by RealPatientRatings come from the survey completed by real patients who have completed a qualified visit to a provider’s office.

Not just anyone can go online and write a review through RealPatientRatings, and the participating providers cannot selectively choose which patients will be surveyed. This means the results reflect the actual experience of all patients.

The providers who participate in RealPatientRatings are committed to helping you get an “insider” view of their patient care and communication. They are committed to transparency and actively seek patient feedback. They engage to independently survey all of their patients.

When I found the above website I felt that I had to invite RealPatientRatings into my practice. As a surgeon I feel like I want my patients to have a voice and speak about their surgical experience. I refuse to pay for companies to inundate the various review sites with fake reviews in order to boost my ratings and I also refuse to pay companies to “beat the system” and have my negative reviews taken down. The reality is that as a surgeon I will have patients who are not happy with their results and want to be able to voice it online. Surgery is real and comes with unavoidable risks….you won’t get the optimal result 100% of the time. The fact remains that I do over 100 general cosmetic cases a year and the overwhelming majority of these patients are very happy with their results. This was my motivation for inviting RealPatientReatings to survey my patients. The reviews you read on their site and the reviews duplicated on my site are from my patients and speak of their own surgical experience. There is no risk that you may be reading several reviews from one upset patient or even worse, reading an anonymous review from someone who may not even be a patient of mine but has a personal reason for writing a review. RealPatientRatings are 100% guaranteed to be voice of my patients and are representative of all my patients.

I have to admit that I made this decision in part as a reaction to the Yelp review site which is currently only allowing one of my reviews to be seen. The review featured there is a very negative review from a patient that had surgery with me nearly 10 years ago. I have done nearly 1000 cases since that time and I have had happy patients tell me that they have gone to the Yelp review site to rate me but their ratings remain hidden. This process is very unfair to me as a surgeon who cares very much about my patients and their satisfaction. In the end, this prompted me to try and take some control over what is being said about me online. This in turn prompted the decision to add RealPateintRatings to my practice.

Dr James Lacey

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