8 Myths About Botox

8 Common Misconceptions about Botox

Botox has seen skyrocketing popularity in recent years, but theres no shortage of myths about the procedure floating around. Here, our team will dispel 8 of the most common botox myths and explain why botox injections could be right for you.

#1: Botox is unsafe

Theres a persistent belief that botox is unsafe, but the truth is that when administered by a qualified medical professional, like the nurses on our team, its perfectly safe. In fact, countless people have received safe treatments with botox since first being approved by the FDA in 2002. The best way to ensure your safety is to do your research and work with a professional.


Myth #2: Botox only treats wrinkles

The primary use for botox is indeed the treatment of wrinkles, but over the years its been found helpful for a variety of other medical conditions as well. For instance, its been used for everything from migraine headaches to excessive sweating.

#3: Botox treatments are overly expensive

Yes, botoxcan be more expensive than other nonsurgical procedures. We offer competitive pricing and if you sign up to our newsletter, you can be notified of excellent treatment deals.

#4: Botox causes a frozen face

Its true that botox can create a certain amount of facial paralysis, but thats exactly the reason why it works it prevents the muscles in your face from contracting, which smooths out wrinkles and gives you a fresher, more youthful appearance. In the right hands, that effect can be naturallooking and subtle.

#5: Botox is just for women

In the past, botox was marketed primarily towards women, but its becoming increasingly popular with men. Having a softer, more youthful look is desirable for both genders, and male patients often require fewer units of treatment to achieve the desired results.

#6: Botox results are permanent

The effects of botox are not permanent, but they do last for several months usually 3 to 4 months, depending on the individual. So while you wont be left with afrozen face for life, you can expect your results to last a while.

#7: Botox will leave you with unnaturallooking results

This can be true if its not administered properly, but the truth is that botox is a highly customizable procedure, so you can get the exact results youre looking for. The key is to go to a reputable provider and communicate clearly what youre looking for.

#8: Botox should only be considered as a last resort

Botox is often seen as an extreme measure, but wed argue that it should be seriously considered as soon as wrinkles become visible, as this is the best time to prevent them from becoming more severe. Plus, the early results have been proven to last longer than results achieved later on, so it can save you money in the longterm.

, botox is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and it can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions as well. When done right, the results can be subtle and naturallooking, so dont be afraid to explore it as an option. Read about our botox service by pressing here.