Nurse Lisa is known for her artistry, honesty, kindness, and her attention to details.She started her journey as a cosmetic nurse

injector in 2006 at a well known facial surgical and cosmetic centre in Ottawa. Being a registered nurse for over 33 years and working the critical areas such as CCU/ICU, assessment is important to her.This explains why her consultations are thorough. Lisa is an experienced mature nurse injector and highly trusted by her long time clients for helping them achieve a natural and more refreshed look.

“ Cosmetic injecting is an art. My main goal is to help build the bridge between the gap of how we look to how we feel inside in the most practical sense.”

On a personal note, Lisa married her high school sweetheart in 1990 and has two loving sons. On her spare time, she expresses herself in her paintings using acrylic and oil paints, writes music and plays her guitar.