Cosmetic Fillers

Cosmetic Fillers Ottawa

JUVÉDERM® Soft injectable filler using advanced patented technology for lips, wrinkles and volume replacement. This injectable lasts up to 12 months. For more information download the brochure in English or French.

RESTYLANE injections for lip sculpturing, and facial wrinkle correction. This product is temporary (lasting 4 – 8 months), non-animal derived and provides immediate, safe and reliable results.

RADIESSE is a cosmetic dermal filler that lasts up to 24 months.

Safety Information

Potential side effects associated with JUVÉDERM® products include redness and swelling at the injection site which may be associated with itching and pain on pressure to the area. These reactions may occur immediately or may be delayed, and may last for up to a week. If these reactions persist for more than one week or if you have any other effects which concern you, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Other possible side effects include hematomas, firmness or bumps at the injection site, staining or discolouration at the injection site, and a weak filling effect. As with any injection of a medical device, there is an associated risk of infection. Cases of tissue damage in the forehead region, abscesses, nodules, and immediate or delayed hypersensitivity after injections have been reported. You should not use a JUVÉDERM® product if you scar frequently, are hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. JUVÉDERM® products are not approved for use in children. Tell your doctor if you have an ongoing skin infection in the area to be treated, if you have recently had other skin surface treatments, have previously used fillers, or if you are currently taking any medications. Tell your doctor if you have an autoimmune disease, allergies, or a history of streptococcal infection or rheumatic fever. Tell your doctor if you have epilepsy, porphyria, or heart disease, or if you are hypersensitive to lidocaine or other local anaesthetics, as JUVÉDERM® products containing lidocaine may not be appropriate for you. For any unexpected effects following injection of a JUVÉDERM® product, contact your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Restylane last?

The effects of Restylane typically last 612 months, depending on the area being treated and the individuals lifestyle.

Who should not use Restylane?

Restylane should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, or those with a history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis.

What are the side effects of Restylane?

Side effects of Restylane include swelling, redness, bruising, itching, tenderness, and discoloration at the injection site.