Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Grafting Ottawa

Buttock augmentation, or the “Brazilian butt lift”, is a surgical procedure designed to increase the volume of the buttocks while providing a fuller, more sculpted appearance. Many Ottawa patients visit Kanata Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery requesting buttock augmentation surgery to help correct a flat or sagging appearance. This can be due to weight changes, the effects of gravity, or simply genetics. The appearance of round, full buttocks can also help patients appear more proportionate with the rest of their body.

While implants have been used in the past, the majority of buttock augmentation surgery now relies on fat grafting. This means that fat is first removed from specific areas of the body using liposuction. The added benefit of this technique is that it provides improvement in other areas of the body from where the fat has been removed. The removed fat is then prepared and injected into the buttocks to add volume and improve shape and definition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does fat grafting work?

The first step of the procedure is fat removal using liposuction. While many areas of the body can be used as donor sites for the procedure, the most commonly used are the abdomen, the hips and thighs. Once the fat is removed, it is processed and then injected into the buttocks. Roughly 70 – 80% of the injected fat survives, while the rest is naturally broken down by the body. For this reason, a slight overcorrection is done with the procedure. There is also a small possibility of needing a second procedure to further increase the buttock volume.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

While fat grafting is a relatively recent technique used by plastic surgeons, it has become extremely popular over the past five years. This technique provides the ability to add volume to a specific area of the body (in this case the buttocks) using the patient’s own tissue. Fat grafting therefore eliminates any of the possible complications that can arise from using implants. The liposuction component of the procedure is targeted to improve the appearance of other areas of the body. The results of fat grafting surgery have also been shown to be permanent.

What about implants?

Buttock augmentation can also be done with the use of silicone implants. These are very different than the implants used in breast augmentation surgery. Buttock implants are solid, firm and inserted directly into the gluteal musculature. Buttock implants can be used for patients who are not good candidates for fat grafting due to a low body weight and lack of donor sites. The growing trend in the plastic surgery community and among patients has been focussed on fat grafting to improve the appearance of the buttocks.

Am I a candidate?

If you are interested in buttock augmentation surgery whether or not you are a candidate, the first step is to schedule a consult at KPCS with Dr. Lacey. At your consultation our surgeons will listen to your goals and determine if you would benefit from buttock augmentation surgery. It is helpful to bring in photos of the type of appearance that you are interested in achieving.

Where does the procedure take place?

All surgery happens on-site at Kanata Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. We are the only private plastic surgery operating facility in Ottawa and are entirely dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our cosmetic surgery patients. Our location allows you to avoid travelling out of town for your surgery and provides a private, relaxing environment for you to recover. Our facility meets and exceeds all national and provincial safety guidelines, and is staffed with well-trained, experienced health care professionals to give you the best possible surgical experience. Scientific research has demonstrated that cosmetic surgery performed in such dedicated facilities have lower complication rates compared to similar procedures done in hospitals. Our facility has been operating for more than ten years with thousands of cosmetic surgeries having been performed on patients from all over Canada.

What can I expect for my recovery?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is done on an outpatient basis, meaning that there is no need for you to spend the night at the surgery centre. Most patients are able to return to work and low-impact activities in 1-2 weeks. The use of a compressive garment is also required for 6 weeks after surgery to support the area and decrease swelling.

How do I book my surgery?

The first step in to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Lacey. Please call (613) 591-1099 to speak to our office staff or contact us by email at kpcs@kanataplasticsurgery.com. Our surgeons and staff would be happy to meet you and discuss whether or not buttock augmentation would be right for you.