Our Promise

At Kanata Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery we are well versed and practised with medical safety standards and sanitary protocols. In addition to already having stringent sanitary procedures in place, our Private Surgical Facility has always allowed us to avoid the heavy volume of foot-traffic associated with hospitals.

We want to utilize this page in order to be completely transparent with respect to our methods and to advise our clients of additional safety enhancements that we have implemented.

We take your health very seriously and look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Lacey & Dr MacArthur


Physical Distancing

Our staff and clients will be practising physical distancing. This will be achieved by fitting our reception area with fewer chairs and wider spacing, we are also scheduling more time between client visits.

New Reception Procedures

Risk assessments will be conducted prior to appointments and before clients enter the building. The wearing of PPE will be mandatory for all.

Enhanced Hygiene Methods

We have strict hygiene protocols in place and will be improving this with the installation of a new HEPA filtration system in our OR. Our building has just received a new UV filtration system which eliminates viruses and bacteria.

Guest and Staff Monitoring

Staff will be given daily temperature checks and clients will need to have their temperature taken before entering the building.


Appointment Procedure for Patients

1. In order to be prepared for your visit, we ask that you read the following list of requests. We ask that you comply with the following in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

2. Please do not come to your appointment if you are experiencing a fever, cough, sore throat or if you have travelled out of province in the two weeks prior to your appointment.  If so, please phone us to reschedule your appointment.

3. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

4. Please wear a face covering to your appointment.

5. Please come unaccompanied to your appointment (including children) as we are respecting physical distancing and trying to limit traffic within the building.

6. Please call the clinic at 613-591-1099 from your vehicle when you arrive. Remain in your vehicle until you receive instructions as to which entrance of the building to proceed to.

7. Please leave all non-essential belongings in your car (hat, jacket…)

8. Your temperature will be taken as part of your screening process at the beginning of your appointment.

9. The nurse injector/ doctor will be wearing personal protective gear during your appointment.