Fat Grafting

Autologous (meaning your own) fat can be moved around your body. Put simply, we can move unwanted fat to areas you want it; this truly is as incredible as it sounds. For 14 years since finishing my McGill University Plastic Surgery Training I have told patients this is not possible… well, I was wrong.

For the past 2 years, I have been successfully grafting fat to faces, breasts and hands in my private clinic; the potential sites are really endless.

This is by far the most exciting thing I have seen in plastic surgery in decades – it is a game changer. It changes the way I look at every cosmetic and reconstruction patient in my office.

I have successfully grafted small and medium sized fat volumes, in 1 or 2 treatments. It is better to take steps; large volume fat transfer is still not the norm.

In our state of the art private surgical clinic in Ottawa, Canada, I am proud to offer fat transfer for the following conditions:

  • Breast Deflation because of age and following pregnancy (or implant removal), and want your breast fuller, softer and natural without implants.
  • Previous breast implant patients to increase cleavage, change and improve breast shape, increase volume and/ or symmetry, make more natural & cover any rippling or palpability of implants.
  • To treat breast asymmetry.
  • The Face – this where I started. To improve contour and volume loss from aging and weight loss, and improve face-lift results, build cheeks and blend eyelid-cheek junction, fill temple hollows and lips. All permanently and naturally while possibly even improving the overlying skin texture and nature.
  • (SIEF) Simultaneous Implant Exchange & Fat transfer if you have capsular contracture or ++ implant pain
  • Lost your implant or reconstruction from cancer or infection and need further breast reconstruction.
  • Mastectomy patients who want something, but not necessarily large reconstructive surgery.
  • To treat post-augmentation breast pain & post breast reconstruction pain.
  • To improve symmetry in previous breast reconstruction patients, using fat transfer.
  • **Any area of the body previously ravaged by cancer, infection or radiation therapy where there is adverse healing, scarring, skin breakdown. Fat transfer is a consideration to improve the local healing environment and possibly enable stable skin coverage.

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In Summary:

As far as pioneering fat grafting plastic surgeons and now I am concerned (and the general plastic surgery community is learning): Fat Transfer provides a natural, life-long and safe way to augment and improve overlying tissues.